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The many purposes of printing
Printing has numerous, useful functions and purposes some of which you may have used, many of which you probably haven’t used. Whether you are a home printer or printing at the corporate or business office you will still be printing almost every day. Desktop printers are in almost every home, large printers and photocopiers are in every office and printing stores are still found in almost every mall and in every business district. Despite the abundance of printers and printing stores, you have unlikely to have made use of the variety of options open to you that are extremely beneficial, no matter whether you are printing for your own purposes or for business purposes.
As a home printer, you may have printed out the occasional email for easy finding or an important document for hard copy record keeping. However, you have probably not printed out a photo in years as you tend to forget about them as digital files on your phone, camera or laptop and not a roll of film. Among those thousands of photos there are at least a few that should be printed and displayed. Many desktop printers are excellent at printing photos these days or alternatively you can use the services of a printing store. Home decor has also taken on the trend of unique canvas and enlarged photo prints. To be unique, some home owners are using their own photos to decorate their home walls. Again, your local printing store is very likely to offer this printing service meaning another useful and important purpose for printing.
If you are a manager of business owner, you will understand the importance and ubiquity of printing from document and agreement printing through to advertising and market material printing. Printing stores now offer a range of printing services targeting business marketing and advertising and there are probably options that can change and improve your advertising and marketing strategies. Store window decals are a great way of catching potential customer attention and increasing foot traffic to the store. Car magnets are another way of spreading awareness about your business if you have company cars and trucks on the road. If you are a trade show regular or your salespeople are regular making client and potential client visits, then printing stores have a variety of gift options on which your logo, product image or marketing message can be printed. Even the staple advertising methods are still applicable in today’s digital world. Flyers, brochures and banners still require printing and are still powerful awareness generating methods.
As has been described, printing is an important part of our home and work lives and will be for a long time. Whether you are typically printing at home, at work or both, it is vital to know what your printing options are. Beyond the well-known purposes of desktop printers and photocopiers, printing stores across the country keep up with the latest and most modern printing technologies, thus greatly increasing the printing options and purposes open to home and business printing users.

Photo Printing Options

Photo Printing Options

With so many photos being taken every day by almost everybody in the United States, there are millions of photos that are being stored on smartphones, on SD cards or on the hard drives of computers around the country. Out of the millions of these photos, not many of them are actually getting printed, but simply stay in digital format to be shown to friends and family with the passing around of a smart phone or the peering over shoulders on a computer screen. This display of photos does no justice to the photos themselves as smartphone and computer screens are not the best displayers of photos. There is the backlit glare of LED screens, the poor color adjustment on many phone and computer screens and the unflattering two dimensions of screens that do not adjust to the light in a room or the angle at which you look at it from. In fact, light and angles make the photo look even worse.

With so many photos being taken around the country every day it would be foolish to encourage all of these photos to be printed and shown off in the best possible way, but out of those millions of photos and the many photos that you have taken, there are some outstanding photos that just must be printed for the sake of your efforts and to provide justice to the photo itself. Photo printing is not done much anymore other than by pro photographers but that means there are thousands of photos that go unprinted, forgotten about after they have been shared on social media and left as a series of digital zeros and ones that in no way complement the art that is photography.

If you value your photos then get back into photo printing the way you were a decade or two ago or make sure you find out about photo printing if you never experienced going down to your local photo printing store, handing over the film and coming back a few days later to excitedly hold them in your hands and see them for the first time.

Photo printing stores still exist for the enthusiastic amateur photographers and professional photographers and you thus still have the opportunity to benefit from the art of photo printing. Search through your photos and choose a few that stand out in terms of quality, composition and memories. Once you have chosen a few, you have a number of photo printing options. You can simply print out smaller photos for inclusion in an album or in a small frame. You can enlarge the photos is they are of high enough resolution and use the photos to decorate a bare wall or complement other home décor. Your own photos provide personality and uniqueness to your wall décor. Those are the simple options. You can go further in terms of paper choice from glossy and matte choices through to canvas for enlarged photos. The different print options will give different emotions to the same photo and you simply have to choose the message you want to convey.

Pay a visit to your local photo printing store, look at your options and print.

Printing Services – Photo Prints

Why you should be printing your photos
Photo printing has largely been forgotten in the modern digital age with the ease of digital photos being stored on our hard drives and SD cards and then quickly and widely distributed through social media channels. Unfortunately, the trend of photo taking is now inversely proportional to the number of photos that are printed as we are taking more photos than ever before but tend to share them digitally rather than print them out and show the physical photo to friends and family. Anybody that is taking photos is missing out on an art and experience that has real emotional and deeper experiences than simply putting a photo on Instagram, tagging a few people and writing a brief and shallow description of the photo.
Photo printing offers a much more real and tangible experience of photos that you have taken. Printing a few 8” x 5” pictures means you can hand these photos out to your friends and family who can then look carefully and thoroughly at a photo that has been printed on relevant paper, such as glossy or matte paper that gives far more life to the photo than what a smartphone or computer screen can ever do. As you hand out the photos, you start telling the story of the photo in a more detailed, more passionate way than can ever be done with a few characters on social media. It is a deeper, more emotional experience that what can be achieved through the distances and intangibility of social media. Once you have shown off the photos, you can put them in small frames or the many other options available for displaying photos and hang them on a wall or put them on the bedside cabinet as a permanent memory.
Some of your better photographs can even be enlarged and framed or printed on canvas with a backboard and hung on the wall of your home or office. Suddenly your photo is art rather than just a digital image that you only accidently come across every now and then. There are numerous photo printing stores in all cities and towns across the United States that are able to print photos at almost any size and on the most suitable photo printing paper to ensure that your photo is seen in the most complementing and viewable way. Just think how you could completely customize your home or office walls with photos that are yours and will not be seen in any other home or office. Just think how passionately and sentimentally you can tell the story of the photo when a friend or family member asks about the image.
The fact that so many photos are capturing our lives now is great but the fact that these photos are not displayed the way photos should be, is unfortunate. If you can relate to wanting to tell the real story behind your photos and want to see your photos displayed as they should, then get out to your nearest photo printing store and restore the balance to photo taking and photo printing.

Photo Printing

The lost art of photo printing

Printing of photos is a lost art that is very unfortunate and really should be resurrected by anybody that takes photos. And there are a lot of us taking photos. In fact, there are more of us taking photos now, than there has ever been in the history of cameras. With digital photography being so easy and convenient, photos are being taken every second of every day around the world as they have been integrated into our smartphones, digital cameras are cheaper, better and smaller and it has become much easier to share these pictures. Unfortunately, the advent of social media and sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, the incentive to print photos is now almost zero as out photos can quickly be uploaded to social media and distributed to friends and family around the world in milliseconds. There is some merit in this as we are able to share memories quickly and easily but it has come at the cost of photo printing on paper and other materials which is how the real art of photography and photos should be displayed and shared.

Very few of us, other than passionate amateur and professional photographers go out and get photo printing done on photos we have taken. Some of you will remember the activities associated with getting a roll of film developed, flicking through the photos that were printed with bated breath as it was the first time that we had seen them as there were no preview screens on film cameras. There was a sense of anticipation, a rush home to show the photos to family or friends and then deciding how we were going to show off the photos in photo albums or in frames. For younger generations, photo printing is probably something they have never experienced and may not see the value in photo printing when they can immediately share the photos on social media.

But if you just take the time to take a handful of photos and get them printed on image quality paper, or enlarge one or two of these photos or have a photo printed and proudly displayed in your living room, hallway or office, you will very quickly recall those fond memories of photo printing or come to appreciate the art of photo printing that you are experiencing for the first time. A printed photo is a work of art. It is something that suddenly becomes tangible. A printed photo can be looked at closely, from a distance. It can be turned in the light, looked at from different angles and provide a far deeper experience of the photo than just looking at it through the glare of an LED screen on your phone or computer. Passing a photo from friend to friend, telling the story of the photo verbally, rather than a few types sentences or characters, provides a much richer story to the photo. It is what taking photos and photo printing is all about.

Try photo printing and you will realize what the lost art of photo printing is and will very likely quickly adopt it for many of your future photos.

Personal Touch Advertising

Printing Services 

Postcards aren’t often thought about for typical advertising strategies. But if used correctly, postcards are an excellent way of getting a more personal message to customers or potential customers. Despite a postcards small size, a postcard can have much more of an impact on someone than a large billboard displayed to anonymous commuters or pedestrians.

There are many uses for postcards in advertising and not just to tell your customers where you were on your last vacation. Because of their limited print space and the fact that they need to be held in a hand to be viewed and remembered, the message or messages on a postcard need to be concise and succinct. Although this may seem limiting, it does in fact mean that the uses of a postcard are wide and varied from giving customers product tips to inviting them to be part of a reward program and anything in between.

Consider using a postcard for product tips. The postcard can be included in the product packaging, can be handed to the customer after purchase or even sent to your database of customers. This strategy, shows how you care for your customer and want them to get the best out of their new purchase. This is customer service not often seen in most industries and is one very useful way of generating repeat customers.

Imagine a customer’s delight when they receive a postcard in their mailbox with a discount on their next purchase. Postcards even have applicability in the services industry. If it is an appointment based service, then a postcard in the mail is great for appointment reminders. And why not include brief statements or descriptions of other services you offer. If you have a strong, loyal customer base, then you may want honest feedback from them to better understand your customers or feedback on ways to enhance your business offering. Postcards given to customers by hand or posted, if you have a customer database, can be used to collect important data for subsequent analysis and possible implementation. There are many other uses for postcards, that your marketing and advertising teams will come up with and only their imagination is the limit on how and where postcards can be used.

Given the size of a postcard, postcard printing is a cost-effective advertising tool. If this has triggered thoughts on their use, then discuss the design and printing process with a good, business orientated print store. They will almost certainly offer postcard printing services and will be able to take your from concept development, through the design phase to final printing. They will discuss and advise on the various postcards sizes that can be used and will discuss glossy or matte finishes as appropriate to the postcard content. If you simply have a message in mind, their creative expertise will greatly help in the development of a postcard design from scratch. All you have to bring is your general message and some branding artwork, product or service images with the creative stuff being handled by the design experts.

Postcards are a very useful tool for making individual contact with customers. In this day and age, where consumers are largely treated as one and the same, this personal touch in advertising can set your company apart from your competitors.

Color Copies of Photos

Photo Printing

Photo’s – Hard copy is still the only way to share your memories
The number of people taking photos and the number of photos being taken in current times is thousands of times more than they were just ten years ago. This is largely thanks to smartphones and the inclusion of cameras and photo applications on these phones. It is now so easy to take a quick photo of anything from your friends at a restaurant through to holiday photos of beautiful scenery. This is great for quickly and easily capturing memories but unfortunately the majority of these photos tend to stay as digital version or copies and are never then shared as photo prints. Photo prints are still the only way to display photos to accurately reflect the photo and the associated colors, mood and impact of the photo.
Despite the uptake in the number of photos being taken, the number of photos being printed as decreased rapidly with the advent of digital camera and cameras on smartphones. This can be put down to a number of factors with one of these factors being the ease of sharing photos via social media. Social media provides a free service and easy and immediate access for friends and family to view the photo. However, a laptop, tablet or phone screen is a very poor viewing platform for photos and viewers are generally not able to feel the full impact of a great photo. Just about every amateur and professional photographer that a photo should only ever be viewed after having printed it on applicable photo print paper in order for the viewer to feel and understand the full emotion of the photo. The paper on which a photo is printed brings additional detail and feel to a photo. Matte photo prints bring a rawness and reality to a photo which is particularly impact full for landscape photos whereas glossy paper brings out color and vibrancy to well-focused and sharp images. None of these attributes and effects can be seen or felt when viewing a photo on an LCD or LED screen. Even each individual paper itself brings character and distinctiveness to a photo meaning a different look and feel to the same photo printed on two sheets of photo print paper.
Having photo prints of your favorite photos also means that your photos can be displayed in your home or office, meaning even those people who are not social media friends get to see them. Photo prints can be placed in frames that complement the colors or scene of the photo and placed in easily view able or prominent places in a home or office. This surely beats passing around a phone or tablet for people to see photos or the never seen reactions that people have to photos shared on social media.
Photo printing and photo prints are art forms that are slowly disappearing for very unfortunate reasons. Great photos should always be printed to communicate the full impact, emotion and purpose of the photo. If this resonates with you, make sure you pay a visit to your nearest print store to get some of your photos printed and continue the art of photo prints.

Photo Printing

Creating art through printing photos
Photos are meant to be displayed, seen, reacted to and commented on. However, a real photo should be printed in order for people to see, react to and comment on as it is only in printed form that a photo expresses and captures emotion and impact. The unfortunate reality of photos today is that many more photos are being taken than have ever been taken before but the number of photos that are actually being printed is decreasing rapidly. Photography was initially created as a form of art to capture memories, time and scenes. The process of taking a photo required not only creativity but also time and effort and that was before the photo had even been printed. Printing photos was a further art form which required a deep understanding of the properties of light, paper and a few chemical reactions. Despite the improved technology for photo printing, people still tend to ignore the work of art that is created when a photo is printed.
Millions of photos are taken every day on digital cameras and smartphones but only a tiny minority of these photos are ever printed. These photos stay in digital form on hard drives and SD cards and are at best displayed as a phone is handed around a group of people or shared via social media. Neither of these displays capture the true color, emotion and impact that a printed photo has, with its distinctive paper characteristics, expression of true light without the faux sheen of LED light or the accurate color representation. Printed photos are truly an expression of art and there are many photographers and photo printing services providers out there who, fortunately, still believe in photos only being true photos when they have been printed on to good quality photo paper.
Not all photos have to be printed. But almost everybody will have at least a handful of photos that really should be printed and displayed or kept in hard copy form to be handed around to friends and family in the living room or around a table so that they can see and feel the creativity that went into taking the photo. Many of us will have also taken some amazing photos that should be enlarged and printed on appropriate paper or fabric to complement the look and feel of the photo and then proudly display on a wall. This really the true expression of photography and the imagination that went into taking the photo.
If photos are important to you and you have realized the value in printing photos then head down to your local print store. They will have a variety of photo printing services that you can use to have your photos printed. Whether it is just typical 8 x 5” photos to be stored in an album or a 50 x 50” fabric print, a good photo printing services provider will be able to do this with ease.
Memories should never just be kept digitally. Photo memories are an art and should be proudly displayed for all to share in these memories.

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Anything can be Printed
Photo Printing services offered by excellent print stores encompass a vast variety of different printing options. Whether you are a business or corporate needing printing services, such as B&W copies, color copies, almost any type of advertising and marketing material or business and corporate brochures, or you are an individual looking to print your photos or enlarge a photo or two, then there is typically just one store that you need to go to that will fulfil all of these printing services needs.
Businesses and corporate have large amounts of copy and printing needs from simple staff communications through to advanced flyer, brochure or banner printing for marketing and advertising needs. Fortunately, but not yet realized or utilized by many businesses, a good printing services provider can reliably and cost effectively carry out any printing job that a company or corporate is going to need. In fact the cost effectiveness and quality of the job is going to be far better than what a company is currently doing in house. If you are looking for a small competitive advantage, then it is time to visit your local store and urgently begin the outsourcing of all your printing and copy needs. A good printing services provider will even have the necessary creative staff to assist your advertising and marketing departments in the creation of distinctive, bold and impact material. Whether it is trade show banners, in store promotional material or even your restaurants new menu, there is a good print store that can carry out any of these projects. These printing services providers can even print distinctive decals for your store windows or corporate office spaces. Marketing gifts, business cards and letter heads are just as quick and easy as any other printed material that a business may need.
As an individual, you are probably held back from printing your photos because of the low quality desktop printing options or because you feel your photos aren’t quite good enough. The same print store that provides printing services to business, also caters for your needs. They can enhance, enlarge and print your photos quickly and easily. Perhaps you are looking for a creative party invitation or a unique but personal holiday greeting card. Again, that same photo printing store will be able to help you create and then print your kid’s birthday party invitations or the Christmas cards for friends and family.
Given the volumes that a reputable print store will cater for, the costs involved in printing any of the above examples are highly cost effective and will save you money when compared to doing it in house within your business and as an individual with a good desktop printer. While your marketing material is being printed your team can be working on the next vital promotion or while your photos are being printed, you can be out photographing your next work of art. If you haven’t used the printing services of a good print store yet, you have been losing out on both quality and cost savings. There really is nothing they can’t print, so pay them a visit now. 

Flyer Printing Los Angeles

Mass Communication
Flyers are an effective, fast and cheap way of communicating to a large number of potential customers. Whether you are a restaurant owner, a nightclub or bar owner or are opening a new fashion store or have product specials you want people to know about, then flyers can be your go to advertising tool. Flyers are quick to print in large runs, cheap to distribute and if handed out to the right demographic in the right locations, can be an immensely successful strategy for increasing your advertising return on investment.
There are two critical requirements for a successful flyer strategy. The first is the content and layout of the flyer itself and the second requirement is identifying the demographic most likely to take up your offer and the best mechanism for distribution of the flyer.
Flyer printing is not something that can be done by your marketing and advertising department. They may be great at understanding the product and the consumer and determining the content that is most likely to excite and motivate the consumer, but the design and layout of flyers needs to be handled by graphic and print design experts. Most high-end print stores will offer, not only a comprehensive print service, but will also offer design and layout services prior to printing to assist businesses in developing eye-catching and attention-grabbing prints. Any store offering design and layout services will almost certainly offer specific flyer design and printing.
Flyers have one shot at garnering interest once it lands in a potential customer’s hand. They typically take a quick look at the flyer and will either decide to retain the flyer for future decision making or will discard the flyer almost immediately. You thus want a flyer that will maximize the chances of retention and subsequent action. Design is crucial. A bland, uninspiring flyer will land up in the trash can. A cleverly designed, image related flyer with the right message, will lead to action. Depending on your product or service, you may want product images or mood-reflecting graphics to entice the potential customer. If you are wanting people to get down to a bar or nightclub, your message can often just be date, time and location, and a single sided, colorful flyer will often do the trick. However, if your message is along the lines of a new offering or product specials, you may want to use higher-end flyer designs and layouts. These include differing folding patterns for the flyer, double sided printing, and possibly a larger format paper size as there is more information you will want to include. You may even look for a premium gloss or matte finishing for the printing to give a superior feel to your flyer in line with your high-end offering.
No matter what your business offering and target demographic is, a good print store will be able to take you from a blank flyer all the way through to a single sided 8.5 x 5.5” flyer or a tri-folded, doubled sided 11 x 17” matte coated flyer with their flyer printing services. Once printed, the flyer is ready to go and all that’s left is for your marketing and advertising department to get this mass communication out to the right demographic, the right way.