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We Specialize in a wide range of passport, immigration & visa photos and also offering Los Angeles Notary Public services to our clients.
Our Lab is recommended by the Canadian consulate for passport, citizenship and visa photos.
We are conveniently located blocks from the consulate.We also specialize in the following passport, immigration & visa photos with guaranteed correctness or we can match any size or spec for custom requirements: American, British, Irish, Australian, Malaysian, Filipino, Brazilian, Greek, Mexican, Iranian, Norwegian and European passport, citizenship and visa photos.

We offer in store Passport Photos in 5 Minutes. Contact us for Pricing and details

Whether you are preparing for a personal vacation to a foreign land or an important business trip Prism Photo can provide you with the passport photos you need. We offer a wide range of passport, immigration and visa photos to meet your every need. It can be difficult to find a photo lab that can provide the exact size photo but that is not a problem at Prism Photo. We can match any size of custom photos needed for many different countries’ documents. American, British, Irish, Australian, Malaysian, Filipino, Brazilian, Greek, Mexican, Iranian, Norwegian, and many different European countries photo requirements for citizenship and visa photos can be met when working with our staff. Passport size photos can also be perfect for picture proof of identity for tests and other purposes. We keep the prices affordable and you can get more pictures than you currently need to save for future use. Prism Photo’s photo lab is recommended by the Canadian consulate for passport, citizenship, and visa photos. Prism Photo is located just blocks from the consulate. We do not offer Canadian photos online. Canadian photos must be taken in store. Please contact us for further details. Passport photos are ready for you in 5 minutes while you wait. You can also order passport photos online, using a photo you have taken yourself. Any passport photos ordered online will be shipped to you directly. We do not allow store pickup for these orders. Please read all instructions carefully when ordering online so that all requirements will be met. It is very important to follow our guidelines in order to meet government requirements. We will not process photos that do not meet the requirements so please read carefully before submitting your photo. Prism Photo offers another very important service—Notary Public. We offer more convenient hours than many places that offer this service such as banks or government offices which makes our shop the perfect place to come for this important function. A Notary Public is a person commissioned by the state of California to authorize and authenticate signatures. They can also administer oaths. A Notary must meet certain qualifications and keep certain standards. They can attest to a person’s statement and signature as being signed of their own free will and that the person signing is indeed that person. If you need an item notarized you should be able to present a current photo ID such as a driver’s license, California ID, or passport or have two other persons with you who will swear to your identity. And try not to forget to bring the actual documents you need notarized. Please have them completely filled out and ready to be notarized. They cannot be changed after the notary has signed them.

Notary Public & Passport Photos Los Angeles

Notary Public Service & Passport photo processor

**We take passport Photos Between the hours of 10 am – 3:30 pm, Monday – Friday.**