Postcard Printing Los Angeles

Have you considered what using postcards to promote your business could do for you? Premium double-sided postcards printed by Prism Photo have many uses. You may choose to use postcards for promotion of a product or service, invitation to a special event, or just a quick friendly “hello” to remind customers about your business. The versatile postcard size can be used as coupons and may be mailed or used as handout pieces and take home reminders of services and products.

As you start designing a postcard for your business you will need to start with what size you wish to use. Standard size is 5.47” x 4.21”. An over-sized postcard allows you to say more and will standout to get you noticed more. Over-sized is 8.52” X 5.47”. The largest postcard we offer is 11” x 6” and is compatible with Every Door Direct Mail service by the U.S. Postal Service. Needless to say, you can fit quite a bit of information on the jumbo size postcard.

The next thing to address is what to print your postcard on—should it be plain or colored card-stock or do you want to use matte or glossy paper to help it stand out better. When pictures are included on your postcard use of photo paper will give you the best quality. Semi-gloss or matte finish will help decrease the fingerprint effect from handling, yet carry your message across in abundant style. Whenever you are unsure ask the knowledgeable staff at Prism Photo for help.

You will most likely want to print on both sides of your postcards. The “second side” need not be fancy. Be sure to include basic business information such as address and phone number. If your business is tricky to find, directions or a small map may help. You always want your customers to be able to reach you and find you. A lost customer is a lost sale.

You are very welcome to create your postcards on your own, but if you are not sure of what to do, bring your ideas and photos to Prism Photo. Even if you feel that you have the design down you may want us to review it before printing. Our on-site graphics design specialist can help you from designing a postcard for your business to looking over your own design and making suggestions. We know how to get your message across with great style and pizazz. This is a chance for your business to make an impression and you don’t want to miss it or make the wrong one.

Printing your postcards at Prism Photo can be done is small runs to avoid huge stockpiles of postcards lying around your office. It also makes it easier to change your design or try out different designs. Postcards can be the most cost-efficient way to promote your business.

When you are interested in designing a postcard for your business hurry to Prism Photo. You will find the help you need, excellent printing that will be ready on-time, and great prices.