Photo Printing

Photo’s – Hard copy is still the only way to share your memories
The number of people taking photos and the number of photos being taken in current times is thousands of times more than they were just ten years ago. This is largely thanks to smartphones and the inclusion of cameras and photo applications on these phones. It is now so easy to take a quick photo of anything from your friends at a restaurant through to holiday photos of beautiful scenery. This is great for quickly and easily capturing memories but unfortunately the majority of these photos tend to stay as digital version or copies and are never then shared as photo prints. Photo prints are still the only way to display photos to accurately reflect the photo and the associated colors, mood and impact of the photo.
Despite the uptake in the number of photos being taken, the number of photos being printed as decreased rapidly with the advent of digital camera and cameras on smartphones. This can be put down to a number of factors with one of these factors being the ease of sharing photos via social media. Social media provides a free service and easy and immediate access for friends and family to view the photo. However, a laptop, tablet or phone screen is a very poor viewing platform for photos and viewers are generally not able to feel the full impact of a great photo. Just about every amateur and professional photographer that a photo should only ever be viewed after having printed it on applicable photo print paper in order for the viewer to feel and understand the full emotion of the photo. The paper on which a photo is printed brings additional detail and feel to a photo. Matte photo prints bring a rawness and reality to a photo which is particularly impact full for landscape photos whereas glossy paper brings out color and vibrancy to well-focused and sharp images. None of these attributes and effects can be seen or felt when viewing a photo on an LCD or LED screen. Even each individual paper itself brings character and distinctiveness to a photo meaning a different look and feel to the same photo printed on two sheets of photo print paper.
Having photo prints of your favorite photos also means that your photos can be displayed in your home or office, meaning even those people who are not social media friends get to see them. Photo prints can be placed in frames that complement the colors or scene of the photo and placed in easily view able or prominent places in a home or office. This surely beats passing around a phone or tablet for people to see photos or the never seen reactions that people have to photos shared on social media.
Photo printing and photo prints are art forms that are slowly disappearing for very unfortunate reasons. Great photos should always be printed to communicate the full impact, emotion and purpose of the photo. If this resonates with you, make sure you pay a visit to your nearest print store to get some of your photos printed and continue the art of photo prints.