The Magic of Color Photos
Humans are stimulated by color. We make memory associations with specific colors, we react to different colors and we enjoy or dislike certain colors. Despite this knowledge being common knowledge, most of our business printing is still done in black and white. Yes, there is an association of cost with color copies but when one weighs up the benefits of color in communication versus the cost of color, a rethink on the use of color is important. When businesses market and advertise, the use of color is never questioned. But what about all other forms of communication, both internal and external. Black and white may not be having the effect that you are hoping for.
Yes, advertising and marketing are critical components of any business, but there are other, just as important, communication components that a business can optimize. A business is all about communication. Between colleagues, to stakeholders, management to teams and teams to management. This communication can take the form of presentations, newsletters, memos and other digital or paper based forms. By using and paying attention to color in all of these forms of communication a number of the results and consequences of communication can be enhanced.
Many businesses do not put enough care and attention into communication internally, within the business. The possible consequences of this are a staff contingent with low morale, teams with little clarity as to their goals and management unware of the exact strategy of the business. One of the causes of these consequences is simply poor communication and a lack of clarity. Color can bring about completely different reactions to communication. Consider a memo circulated to all staff in simple black and white. Not many people will pay much attention to it and some of these staff members will simply bin the memo. However if color is used to get attention, highlight important messages or guide reading to important conclusions, then the memo is likely to get more acknowledgement and less likely to land in the bin.
How many of your staff meetings are done using PowerPoint and you expect your sales staff to note and remember? Now color copies of the presentation with added notes or key points handed to your staff is likely to have more of a motivational result and greater memory retention. Perhaps you are already handing out copies of your presentation, but if your copies are in black and white then, consider color for even greater impact.
Color really can make magic, and if you aren’t using color yet in your office communication, then now is the time to try it for even better business results. If you don’t have a color printer in your offices, then your local print store is the place to go. And with their volumes based business, the cost of color copies is being driven down dramatically and when balanced with the benefits of color communication, you now have no excuse to not to bring color to your business and reap the rewards on your bottom line.