Flyer Printing Los Angeles

Mass Communication
Flyers are an effective, fast and cheap way of communicating to a large number of potential customers. Whether you are a restaurant owner, a nightclub or bar owner or are opening a new fashion store or have product specials you want people to know about, then flyers can be your go to advertising tool. Flyers are quick to print in large runs, cheap to distribute and if handed out to the right demographic in the right locations, can be an immensely successful strategy for increasing your advertising return on investment.
There are two critical requirements for a successful flyer strategy. The first is the content and layout of the flyer itself and the second requirement is identifying the demographic most likely to take up your offer and the best mechanism for distribution of the flyer.
Flyer printing is not something that can be done by your marketing and advertising department. They may be great at understanding the product and the consumer and determining the content that is most likely to excite and motivate the consumer, but the design and layout of flyers needs to be handled by graphic and print design experts. Most high-end print stores will offer, not only a comprehensive print service, but will also offer design and layout services prior to printing to assist businesses in developing eye-catching and attention-grabbing prints. Any store offering design and layout services will almost certainly offer specific flyer design and printing.
Flyers have one shot at garnering interest once it lands in a potential customer’s hand. They typically take a quick look at the flyer and will either decide to retain the flyer for future decision making or will discard the flyer almost immediately. You thus want a flyer that will maximize the chances of retention and subsequent action. Design is crucial. A bland, uninspiring flyer will land up in the trash can. A cleverly designed, image related flyer with the right message, will lead to action. Depending on your product or service, you may want product images or mood-reflecting graphics to entice the potential customer. If you are wanting people to get down to a bar or nightclub, your message can often just be date, time and location, and a single sided, colorful flyer will often do the trick. However, if your message is along the lines of a new offering or product specials, you may want to use higher-end flyer designs and layouts. These include differing folding patterns for the flyer, double sided printing, and possibly a larger format paper size as there is more information you will want to include. You may even look for a premium gloss or matte finishing for the printing to give a superior feel to your flyer in line with your high-end offering.
No matter what your business offering and target demographic is, a good print store will be able to take you from a blank flyer all the way through to a single sided 8.5 x 5.5” flyer or a tri-folded, doubled sided 11 x 17” matte coated flyer with their flyer printing services. Once printed, the flyer is ready to go and all that’s left is for your marketing and advertising department to get this mass communication out to the right demographic, the right way.