Personal Touch Advertising

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Postcards aren’t often thought about for typical advertising strategies. But if used correctly, postcards are an excellent way of getting a more personal message to customers or potential customers. Despite a postcards small size, a postcard can have much more of an impact on someone than a large billboard displayed to anonymous commuters or pedestrians.

There are many uses for postcards in advertising and not just to tell your customers where you were on your last vacation. Because of their limited print space and the fact that they need to be held in a hand to be viewed and remembered, the message or messages on a postcard need to be concise and succinct. Although this may seem limiting, it does in fact mean that the uses of a postcard are wide and varied from giving customers product tips to inviting them to be part of a reward program and anything in between.

Consider using a postcard for product tips. The postcard can be included in the product packaging, can be handed to the customer after purchase or even sent to your database of customers. This strategy, shows how you care for your customer and want them to get the best out of their new purchase. This is customer service not often seen in most industries and is one very useful way of generating repeat customers.

Imagine a customer’s delight when they receive a postcard in their mailbox with a discount on their next purchase. Postcards even have applicability in the services industry. If it is an appointment based service, then a postcard in the mail is great for appointment reminders. And why not include brief statements or descriptions of other services you offer. If you have a strong, loyal customer base, then you may want honest feedback from them to better understand your customers or feedback on ways to enhance your business offering. Postcards given to customers by hand or posted, if you have a customer database, can be used to collect important data for subsequent analysis and possible implementation. There are many other uses for postcards, that your marketing and advertising teams will come up with and only their imagination is the limit on how and where postcards can be used.

Given the size of a postcard, postcard printing is a cost-effective advertising tool. If this has triggered thoughts on their use, then discuss the design and printing process with a good, business orientated print store. They will almost certainly offer postcard printing services and will be able to take your from concept development, through the design phase to final printing. They will discuss and advise on the various postcards sizes that can be used and will discuss glossy or matte finishes as appropriate to the postcard content. If you simply have a message in mind, their creative expertise will greatly help in the development of a postcard design from scratch. All you have to bring is your general message and some branding artwork, product or service images with the creative stuff being handled by the design experts.

Postcards are a very useful tool for making individual contact with customers. In this day and age, where consumers are largely treated as one and the same, this personal touch in advertising can set your company apart from your competitors.