Photo Printing

Creating art through printing photos
Photos are meant to be displayed, seen, reacted to and commented on. However, a real photo should be printed in order for people to see, react to and comment on as it is only in printed form that a photo expresses and captures emotion and impact. The unfortunate reality of photos today is that many more photos are being taken than have ever been taken before but the number of photos that are actually being printed is decreasing rapidly. Photography was initially created as a form of art to capture memories, time and scenes. The process of taking a photo required not only creativity but also time and effort and that was before the photo had even been printed. Printing photos was a further art form which required a deep understanding of the properties of light, paper and a few chemical reactions. Despite the improved technology for photo printing, people still tend to ignore the work of art that is created when a photo is printed.
Millions of photos are taken every day on digital cameras and smartphones but only a tiny minority of these photos are ever printed. These photos stay in digital form on hard drives and SD cards and are at best displayed as a phone is handed around a group of people or shared via social media. Neither of these displays capture the true color, emotion and impact that a printed photo has, with its distinctive paper characteristics, expression of true light without the faux sheen of LED light or the accurate color representation. Printed photos are truly an expression of art and there are many photographers and photo printing services providers out there who, fortunately, still believe in photos only being true photos when they have been printed on to good quality photo paper.
Not all photos have to be printed. But almost everybody will have at least a handful of photos that really should be printed and displayed or kept in hard copy form to be handed around to friends and family in the living room or around a table so that they can see and feel the creativity that went into taking the photo. Many of us will have also taken some amazing photos that should be enlarged and printed on appropriate paper or fabric to complement the look and feel of the photo and then proudly display on a wall. This really the true expression of photography and the imagination that went into taking the photo.
If photos are important to you and you have realized the value in printing photos then head down to your local print store. They will have a variety of photo printing services that you can use to have your photos printed. Whether it is just typical 8 x 5” photos to be stored in an album or a 50 x 50” fabric print, a good photo printing services provider will be able to do this with ease.
Memories should never just be kept digitally. Photo memories are an art and should be proudly displayed for all to share in these memories.