Photo Printing

The lost art of photo printing

Printing of photos is a lost art that is very unfortunate and really should be resurrected by anybody that takes photos. And there are a lot of us taking photos. In fact, there are more of us taking photos now, than there has ever been in the history of cameras. With digital photography being so easy and convenient, photos are being taken every second of every day around the world as they have been integrated into our smartphones, digital cameras are cheaper, better and smaller and it has become much easier to share these pictures. Unfortunately, the advent of social media and sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, the incentive to print photos is now almost zero as out photos can quickly be uploaded to social media and distributed to friends and family around the world in milliseconds. There is some merit in this as we are able to share memories quickly and easily but it has come at the cost of photo printing on paper and other materials which is how the real art of photography and photos should be displayed and shared.

Very few of us, other than passionate amateur and professional photographers go out and get photo printing done on photos we have taken. Some of you will remember the activities associated with getting a roll of film developed, flicking through the photos that were printed with bated breath as it was the first time that we had seen them as there were no preview screens on film cameras. There was a sense of anticipation, a rush home to show the photos to family or friends and then deciding how we were going to show off the photos in photo albums or in frames. For younger generations, photo printing is probably something they have never experienced and may not see the value in photo printing when they can immediately share the photos on social media.

But if you just take the time to take a handful of photos and get them printed on image quality paper, or enlarge one or two of these photos or have a photo printed and proudly displayed in your living room, hallway or office, you will very quickly recall those fond memories of photo printing or come to appreciate the art of photo printing that you are experiencing for the first time. A printed photo is a work of art. It is something that suddenly becomes tangible. A printed photo can be looked at closely, from a distance. It can be turned in the light, looked at from different angles and provide a far deeper experience of the photo than just looking at it through the glare of an LED screen on your phone or computer. Passing a photo from friend to friend, telling the story of the photo verbally, rather than a few types sentences or characters, provides a much richer story to the photo. It is what taking photos and photo printing is all about.

Try photo printing and you will realize what the lost art of photo printing is and will very likely quickly adopt it for many of your future photos.