Photo Prints done right!

It is not a photo until it is printed

Those people who were brought up using manual cameras and rolls of film will understand how a photo isn’t actually a photo until it has been printed. Manual cameras were only really surpassed by their digital equivalents in the early 2000’s and before that, and many people will recall this, you only saw the photos you took once you had collected your prints a few days later after having handed over your roll of film to your local photo printing store. There was no image preview and no deleting of accidental photos of your left foot or only half of Mom captured on the left side of the family portrait. Although you had taken the photo and was captured on a roll of film, your actual photo was the final print you received from your local photo printing store.

The same people brought up using manual cameras will also remember the rituals of showing your photos to family and friends. Passing around the photos while sitting around the table or the living room or paging slowly through a carefully put together photo album were all part of the joy of the good old days of photography and photos. Both fortunately and unfortunately, that era is largely gone for good, as digital cameras, social media and digital storage, mean that photos are no longer printed and are shared across social media or email rather than passed around in their physical form. Fortunately, we are taking more photos and capturing more of our lives as almost everyone has a digital camera with them at all times but unfortunately the joy of physical photos and the laughing, smiling and sometimes even crying when passing around photos is no longer done.

But it doesn’t have to be the case. Photo printing is still very much possible and those stores that you rush to, to print off large documents or to have business cards printed still does photo printing. And the quality of their photo prints is still excellent. Having physical photo prints is not just for sentimentality sake. There are creative and appreciative reasons for having physical photo prints. A printed photo brings tangibility to the photo. It brings a better sense of the reality of the photo and a tangibility to the mood, surroundings and environment of where the photo was taken. Being able to look at a photo from different angles and distances brings this tangibility that can never be achieved on a back lit, glaring LED screen. Printed photos have far more emotion than digital photo viewing and that is why many photographers will say that a photo is not a photo until it has been printed.

Everyone has a few special photos stored on their phone or computer that are worth printing and will bring so much more life and emotion to the photo when printed. You will just have to trust someone who was brought up in the non-digital era and then make sure you get down to your local photo printing store.