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Why you should be printing your photos
Photo printing has largely been forgotten in the modern digital age with the ease of digital photos being stored on our hard drives and SD cards and then quickly and widely distributed through social media channels. Unfortunately, the trend of photo taking is now inversely proportional to the number of photos that are printed as we are taking more photos than ever before but tend to share them digitally rather than print them out and show the physical photo to friends and family. Anybody that is taking photos is missing out on an art and experience that has real emotional and deeper experiences than simply putting a photo on Instagram, tagging a few people and writing a brief and shallow description of the photo.
Photo printing offers a much more real and tangible experience of photos that you have taken. Printing a few 8” x 5” pictures means you can hand these photos out to your friends and family who can then look carefully and thoroughly at a photo that has been printed on relevant paper, such as glossy or matte paper that gives far more life to the photo than what a smartphone or computer screen can ever do. As you hand out the photos, you start telling the story of the photo in a more detailed, more passionate way than can ever be done with a few characters on social media. It is a deeper, more emotional experience that what can be achieved through the distances and intangibility of social media. Once you have shown off the photos, you can put them in small frames or the many other options available for displaying photos and hang them on a wall or put them on the bedside cabinet as a permanent memory.
Some of your better photographs can even be enlarged and framed or printed on canvas with a backboard and hung on the wall of your home or office. Suddenly your photo is art rather than just a digital image that you only accidently come across every now and then. There are numerous photo printing stores in all cities and towns across the United States that are able to print photos at almost any size and on the most suitable photo printing paper to ensure that your photo is seen in the most complementing and viewable way. Just think how you could completely customize your home or office walls with photos that are yours and will not be seen in any other home or office. Just think how passionately and sentimentally you can tell the story of the photo when a friend or family member asks about the image.
The fact that so many photos are capturing our lives now is great but the fact that these photos are not displayed the way photos should be, is unfortunate. If you can relate to wanting to tell the real story behind your photos and want to see your photos displayed as they should, then get out to your nearest photo printing store and restore the balance to photo taking and photo printing.