The art of photo printing

Photo printing is quickly becoming a lost art. It is unfortunate as many professional and enthusiastic amateur photographers will tell you that a photo is not a photo until it has been printed. One can understand that, with so many photos taken these days with cameras on cell phones and the cost effective availability of digital cameras, the incentive to print all the photos that you have taken is fairly low. Unfortunately, the extreme of almost no photos being taken is the reality. This is a real shame as the adage of those professional and amateur photographers is in fact correct. A photo is an art form and the art is not complete until the photo has been printed.
Those people that were forced to use film cameras in the past, because their simply were no digital cameras, will tell you the numerous benefits there are to having a photo printed, handling a physical photo and viewing the photo. Those photographers who printed their own photos in dark rooms smelling of chemicals, will also tell you that the science and delicacy of printing photos, by definition makes it an art. With so many options when both printing yourself or choosing to print at a print store, the LED screens that we now typically view and share our photos on, simply do not give our photos any justice.
Most of us will tend to go to a photo printing store to get our photo printing done. As a Los Angeles resident there are plenty of photo printing stores available. Ideally you want to choose one that still has the passion for the original art of photo printing. One such store is Prism Photo Imaging which has maintained their passion and expertise in photo printing despite the onslaught of the digital era of photography. What makes Prism Photo Imaging a great store for your photo printing is both their expertise in photo printing and the range of options they provide for photo printing. Their expertise allows them to suggest just the right paper on which to print to complement the photo, advice on and implementation of digital touch-ups to make good photos great and the provision of professional photo grade papers to truly show off your carefully constructed photos. Whether you are looking for standard photo album photo sizes, enlarged photos for home or office display or creative printing of photos on canvas or split printing of an image. No matter what the purpose for you printing your images, whether it be for décor or for sentimentalities sake, Prism Photo Imaging will be able to turn your photo images into photo art.
Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of never printing your photos, or if you have already, get back into photo printing. Your photos are worth more than just being stored on a hard drive or shared on social media. They are an art form and deserve to be respected as such. Take your images to Prism Photo Imaging and see how they can turn your photos into art.