Wedding photo printing

Wedding photo printing can be fun
So many times when we think of wedding photo printing we only think about having separate prints of our favorite wedding pictures reprinted to give to others and a set of pictures for our wedding album.  But there are so many more things you can do with the photos from a wedding that you really should consider.

Photo books are a wonderful way to work with your wedding photos to create a wonderful keepsake for yourself with copies for others.  Showcase your big day in a photo book.  They can be playful or elegant, or a little of both.  Play with fonts.  By using a mix of both classic and modern you will create a one of a kind photo book.  Add elegant frames around your favorite pictures.  Transparent pages of vellum can add an extra element of grace.  Tell your entire story from getting ready for the ceremony to walking down the aisle, then be sure to include a special photo of your wedding vows.  Head to the reception for the first dance to the cake cutting with pictures of all your special guests included.  End with the sendoff at the end of the evening.  You will cherish what you create for a lifetime.

Using your favorite photos from the wedding in special ways can keep the special time alive for many years.  Use a great picture of the bride and groom on the face of a thank you card that you will send in response for all the wonderful gifts you received.  The cards can be ready to use by the time you return from your honeymoon.

Use a most beloved photo on the cover of your wedding album, especially if you are not making a photo book.  Think about other places that you would enjoy seeing some of the best photos from your wedding used.  On a set of mugs to use each morning for coffee, on the mouse pad you will use at work.  There are many different, original ways to use your wedding photos and to continue enjoying them for a long time after that special day.  If you have 12 photos you love think about enjoying them for an entire year as a calendar.  Share your calendar with loved ones or use it at work.

Also consider wedding photo printing in large sizes.  How about an extra large photo for your office, or den?  You can print the photo on glossy paper and frame it in a traditional manner, or you could have the photo printed on canvas and mounted on a frameless wood mount.  Check out how photos can almost look like paintings when printed on canvas.  You can make amazing wedding photo prints in many different sizes when working with canvas.

Wedding photos can be printed onto wood to create durable copies to use in special places.  Printing onto metal gives you vibrant, high definition prints that will also last extra long and can be displayed easily.