When you need large photo printing

Prism Photo Imaging is your place to go when you need large photo printing

You may not realize that photo enlargements have many uses both in the home and in business.  Prism Photo Imaging has all the right equipment to do large photo printing with the best results.  You will like the high resolution printing method used that gives you sharp details.  You won’t get fuzzy looking enlargements when you are working with us.

When your business is working on advertising there are a few different uses for photo enlargements.  Large photo printing works well when creating posters to showcase items on sale or new items you are offering.  Have us produce multiple copies of a poster hawking that luscious piece of strawberry pie with the special discount price for you to hang in multiple spots.  It will get the word out quickly.

Showcasing uses for an item you are selling can be done with taking photographs of the item in use, enlarging the photos, then printing them onto a poster that can be displayed near the item.  No need to try to explain how to use your product when a picture can answer the customers’ questions.

Large photo printing is routinely used as you create a trade show booth.  Pictures of your place of business, products you produce, sell or service, and the people who work for you can be used to help create the perfect displays you need for your booth.  When appropriate, old photos of an earlier place that housed your business or old interesting products you used to produce can help grab peoples’ attention and draw them into your booth.

A home or office can be decorated using framed photo enlargements.  Picking favorite places, events, or people for the subjects of your large photos is a wonderful way to keep memories alive.

Large photo prints can be placed on canvas to be hung in an office or home.  Printing the photo onto canvas changes it, almost making it into a painting.  The high resolution photo gains a certain ambiance that a plain print just cannot match.  In an office it can help set the right mood for the business.  In a home it can remind a person of a favorite event or place for many years to come.  Prism Photo Imaging will mount your canvas on durable stretcher bars.  Many people do not frame the canvas; instead they choose to just hang the canvas mounted on the wooden frame.

If you haven’t already guessed, large photo printing can help you create wonderful gifts.  Carefully choose some of your best photos and bring them to Prism Photo Imaging.  We can print a plain enlargement that can then be framed to be displayed on a desk or hung on a wall.  Or we can print an enlargement onto canvas.  The personalized gift will be cherished for years to come.

An interesting and fun way to work with large photo printing is to create multiple photo panels from a single photo, usually a landscape.  Many times the photo will be broken down into 3 separate panels that are then framed and hung side by side.  This creates an exciting display.

When you know you need large photo printing, whether for business or home, don’t hesitate to come to Prism Photo Imaging.  We will help you create what you need quickly and professionally.